Trade License registration

A MCD Trade License is a document/certificate that gives the applicant (person wishing to open a business) permission to open a particular business or business in a particular area/location. However, the license does not allow its holder any other company or company other than the grant. A MCD Trade License is a tool that helps a regulatory agency ensure that the type and location of the business comply with the relevant safety rules, regulations, standards and guidelines required by the state government.

The issuance of a MCD Trade License is determined separately by the government of each state to track and monitor commerce in a city. It is granted by the local authority of the State in which the company is established.


to. Factory License license: small, medium and large production sites.

b. Store license: Dangerous and offensive stores, such as firewood, cookies, candle makers, hairdressers, Dhobi stores, etc.

c. License for food companies: restaurants, hotels, food stalls, dining rooms, meat and vegetable sales, bakeries, etc.

Who issues aTrade license?

Proof of the Trade license is carried out by the local authority of the respective state government, where the business is located and where the operations are carried out. Different municipal companies require the company to pass several tests before the license is granted, eg. In terms of health and safety, etc.


Bread of establishment card in the company, LLP or company

Canceled check and bank statement of the establishment

Certificate of incorporation, MOA and AOA of the company or LLP / association agreement

Proof of establishment in the form of a sales contract, electricity bill/water bill and owner’s CNP.

Color photography, panoramic map, and identification, as well as proof of address of all administrators/partners

Front photo of the facility showing the goods that are exchanged from the facilities.

Key Location / Plan Shows the area under the applicant’s occupation, where the location must be close.

When will the new license be issued?

The new license will be issued once all the admission criteria have been met, the Trade License tests have been carried out and the Trade License has been paid. Metropolitan cities usually take 7-10 days to issue the certificate. Small towns and rural areas may take longer.

What is the validity?

A granted Trade license status remains valid for one year and must then be renewed each year between January 1 and March 31 of each year. Renewal requests must be made within 30 days of expiration; otherwise, a new license must be requested.

Extensions require:

1. The latest business license

2. Challans from the previous year.

3. Last receipt of property tax paid