CORPSEED is a complete EPR registration approval solution for electronic products under one roof. EPR approval, collection of dismantling and recycling of electronic waste. New Delhi EPR Registration Service

EPR approval record under electronic products for the channeling of electronic waste by the customer after the useful life of electronic products.

The global solution provides a complete solution for registration, electronic waste collection across India, dismantling, and recycling. We offer to dismantle and recycling services for the ecological disposal of these electronic waste. The service is offered by Global Solution New Delhi

EPR approval record for importers, manufacturers, manufacturers of electronic waste, consumers or large consumers.

In the context of registering EPR authorization, this type of item includes IT and telecom devices, servers, computers, personal computers, parts of computers, the main monitor, the central data processing system, mainframe computers, minicomputers, laptops, notepad and parts, electronic typewriter, user terminal systems, telex systems, telephone recording and payphone systems, cordless phones, cordless phones, business phones and smartphones, air conditioning with indoor and outdoor units, air-conditioned rooms, washing machines, televisions with liquid crystal devices, LED and display technology, LED, LCD televisions, fluorescent lamps, and other mercury-containing lamps.

Global solution with a Pan India-based service provider for producers, importers, manufacturers, consumers or bulk consumers to collect dismantling and recycling of e-waste from dismantling and recycling companies, depending on the situation. in New Delhi

Corpseed ensure that we provide a complete roofing solution. Our team is well organized to solve these problems and find a solution.

The service is offered by Corpseed  Noida.

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