As our world moves towards a more world-conscious society, good waste management practices become more important than ever. From toxic cleanups and emergency procedures to lab container disposal and industrial cleanings, non-hazardous, and hazardous waste disposal is becoming a necessary assets for all types of business owners.

At Corpseed, we specialize in a wide variety of commercial waste and hazardous substance cleaning. We consider ourselves experts in waste disposal throughout the country. If your business can benefit from hazardous or non-hazardous transportation and disposal, it is important to see how Corpseed’s Hazardous Waste cleanup team can meet your business needs:

Industrial services

Companies specializing in industrial services rely heavily on hazardous waste disposal companies for various industrial waste disposal projects; in fact, this is often required by government regulations. Corpseed’s industrial offering includes emergency spill cleanup, tank and pit cleaning, as well as landfill leachate treatment and disposal and many other services for industrial waste.

When it comes to spill emergencies, the key is to be prepared and act quickly. It is important to have a reliable Hazardous Waste Disposal Company on hand to properly clean up the spill before irreparable damage occurs.

For industrial companies that require tank cleaning and landfill leachate treatment, it is best to outsource these services to a professional hazardous waste disposal company that will keep abreast of government regulations and ensure that the work is done properly without workers are exposed to chemicals hazardous to work.


Nuclear and radioactive waste, as well as mercury processing, are common in the utility industry. These products can be extremely dangerous and cannot just be dumped in the back of your truck and taken to the nearest landfill. These types of hazardous wastes must be handled with great care by waste management professionals familiar with handling these materials in accordance with EPA and OSHA operating guidelines.

If you are in the utility industry, choose a disposal a company that has the appropriate technology to effectively handle containers or drums of any size, as well as transport, prepare and dispose of these hazardous wastes.


If you’ve ever walked into a lab, you’ve probably noticed the many hazardous waste containers that are very different from your regular trash can. Laboratories handle a wide variety of hazardous substances that must be disposed of properly.

Waste disposal companies work with laboratories across the country to ensure that hazardous waste is handled correctly, primarily in the form of laboratory containers. Materials that are not disposed of properly can create additional pollution and environmental hazards. Not to mention, labs often have strict federal regulations that they must follow when using lab container disposal and hazardous waste disposal.

Emergency response

Accidents do happen, so waste disposal companies continue to deal with oil and chemical spills from large shipwrecks, as well as the response and disposal of meth labs. These situations require a response team that knows the correct steps to take to eliminate a hazardous waste situation and do so quickly, completely, and safely.

When cleaning dangerous chemicals of this type, it is important to consider potential workers and the risks of self-harm. It is highly recommended to consult a professional at a hazardous waste disposal company to properly maintain harmful materials from start to finish and avoid potential problems.


Retail is another industry using waste disposal services, which might not be the first business to think of. However, companies active in electronic products, cannabis, tobacco or e-liquids, and fireworks use all resources to eliminate hazardous waste. Retail stores also have unspecified or outdated products that must be properly destroyed to prevent the products from being sold on a secondary market.

Hazardous waste such as e-liquids, cannabis, and explosives such as fireworks cannot be disposed of in the local landfill and must be handled by a professional. Waste disposal services follow state and local regulations to ensure that waste from these retail stores is handled properly.

If you need a company to handle, transport, dispose of or clean up your hazardous products or waste, please contact Corpseed Environmental Group, Inc. or complete this form to learn more about how we can help you. For more information on our comprehensive industrial and Waste Management Services,visit our Services page.