All food business operators in the country are registered according to the procedures described below.

Type Of Business Planned For Registration:

1. Permanent/temporary stand owner

2. Hawker (mobile food/hiking provider)

3. Homemade dining rooms / Dabbawallas

4. Snack shops and tea rooms

5. Manufacturer / processor

6. Repack the packaging.

7. Food stands/arrangements at religious gatherings, masses, etc.

8. Milk producers (but not members of the dairy cooperative) / Dhaba milk seller

9. Fishmonger / Meat / Poultry / Seller

Register of Small Food Businesses

  1. All small and small food business operators must register with the registration authority by submitting a registration application on Form A following Annex 2 of the FSSA, accompanied by a fee.
  2. The manufacturer of small and small foods must comply with the basic health and safety requirements of Part I of Annex 4 to these Regulations and submit a self-certified statement of compliance with these requirements with the application in the format specified in the appendix. . 1 in annex 2.
  3. The registration authority will examine the application and may grant the registration, or reject it for written reasons, or issue the notification for inspection within 7 days of receipt of a registration request.
  4. If an inspection is ordered, the registration authority shall issue the registration after the premises safety, hygiene, and hygiene conditions have been met by Part I of Annex 4 Within 30 days.
  5. If the registration is not carried out or is rejected, or if the inspection has not been ordered within 7 days by paragraph (3) above or if no decision is communicated under paragraph (4) within Within 30 days, the small food manufacturer can start their own business, provided that the food business operator must follow the improvements proposed by the registration authority at a later date.
  6. Provided the recording is not rejected without allowing the applicant to be heard and for reasons that must be recorded in writing.
  7. The registration authority will issue a registration certificate and an identity card, which will be issued at all times in a visible place on the company premises or vehicle or in a car or other place where the person makes the sale / Essen manufacturing in case it’s by Petty Food Business.
  8. The registration authority / each official specifically authorized for the aforementioned purposes / each authority conducts a food safety inspection of approved establishments at least once a year.

 Provided that a milk producer who is a registered member of a dairy cooperative registered under the Cooperatives Act and who delivers or sells all milk to the company is exempt from this provision for registration.

The Person Must Be Registered As A Member Of The Cooperative:

These people do not undertake to produce, sell, or deliver the food themselves or under their brand. Each member can only deliver and sell all their production to the cooperative.

Cooperatives registered under the Cooperative Law must obtain the registration of their production unit in which food is processed, following the FSS Law of 2006. The cooperative is fully responsible for compliance with the Cooperative Law Conditions of Licensing under the 2011 FSS (Food Business Registration and Licensing) regulations for all registered members.

When a registered/approved cooperative requests a registration exemption for its independent FBO members, it must provide the competent authority with a list of registered members and their contact details. The list must be updated at all times. You must also issue a copy of your license/registration certificate prominently in your approved/registered cooperative space.

Documents required for basic FSSAI registration

  • Photo of the food company.
  • Document for proof of identity, such as food card, voter card, PAN card, driver’s license, passport, Aadhar card, senior card, department identity card
  • Receipts (if available): – NOC of the municipality / Panchayat, NOC of health

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