Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Certification

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification from SGS ensures the reliability of your food manufacturing process as well as compliance with food safety regulations. The assurance of food safety and quality is an important consideration for consumers today. A GMP is a significant improvement in your food safety management system, increasing your customers’ confidence in your commitment to the trade and production of safe and high-quality food. Compliance with GMP requirements meets the minimum general knowledge sanitary and processing requirements applicable to all food processing establishments. Many food industry companies have implemented the GMP certification scheme for food processing, based on which they have developed and implemented other quality and food safety management systems including HACCP, ISO 22000, SQF, and ISO 9001. A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Scheme provides independent verification and certification that basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites required for the implementation of an effective Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety program are being followed. SGS is a world leader in third-party certification and verification. Certifying your food safety management system against Good Manufacturing Practice requirements with SGS is a great way to prepare for inspection by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. This process will help ensure regulatory compliance by demonstrating your knowledge about the importance of production and trade, safe food.

The Resources of Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP).

GMP is a system to ensure that products are continuously produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to reduce the risks involved in any drug products that cannot be removed through testing of the final product. The GMP covers all aspects of production, from initial materials, production, and equipment to training and personal hygiene of employees. Detailed, written procedures are required for each process that can affect the quality of the finished product. Systems should be in place to provide documented evidence that the correct procedures are consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process — the time in which the product is made.

GMP Certification Benefits

They are the some benefits of GMP certification:-

  • Get new sales opportunities and assure existing customers retain.
  • Ensure continuity in business operations as company structure is established more efficiently and (failure) costs and financial risks are reduced.
  • Concentration on Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Risk Devices (HACCP).
  • Improve their corporate image and credibility.
  • Become part of the worldwide operating feed assurance system (the GMP certificate is internationally recognized by approximately 12,000 companies in 66 countries).
  • Accepted by other schemes.
  • Have access to supporting information (fact sheets, risk assessment, newspapers, early warning posts, etc.)
  • Can simply associate multiple certificates (feed safety and duty).
  • Contribute to similarity infeed chain.

What to do if your company is not a GMP Complaint?

So you want to manufacture and sell your supplements but this whole process of GMP certification is not one that you can afford right now?

This does not mean that you will have to wait until you can save enough money and get your manufacturing facility. You can opt for an already established manufacturer of supplements such as a supplement manufacturing partner.

By choosing us to create your private label supplements you will have your supplement line that will provide your customers with high-quality supplements that carry the GMP certification label.

1. Top-quality GMP certified products

2. Complies with all FDA guidelines for Labeling and more

3. Continuing quality control by closely inspecting our production processes

4. Operating an environmentally friendly facility

5. Producing products that are of pharmaceutical-grade quality

GMP Certification is of immense importance in the supplement industry as it is today, but it can be a long and expensive process, especially if you are entering the industry.

Choose a complementary manufacturing partner to provide you with your very own brand of supplements ready to hit the market. We do all this from manufacturing to packaging and fulfillment. We know what we do and are ready to join your complementary manufacturing journey.

*If You have any doubt feel free to contact Corpseed PVt.*