What is NBFC?

NBFC Stand for ( Non-Banking Financial Company).A company registered under the Companies Act which is engaged in the business of providing credit facilities and advances the acquisition of securities and debt instruments or other marketable securities like nature leasing hire, purchase insurance business, ship business, and non-banking institutions. Which is a company registered under the Companies Act and has the principal business of accepting deposits under any scheme as for the RBI act.

Categories do not fall under the view of an NBFC and any institution. ( Whose principle of business comprises of agricultural activities and any institution, whose principal the business comprises of industrial activity and any institution, whose principal of the business comprises a purchase or sale of any goods other than securities of any institution, and Whose principle of business comprises of providing any services and sales).  

Classification of  NBFCC investment and credit company NBFC -ICC investment and credit company NBFC  

It means any company which is a financial institution of carrying on as its principal of business asset finance the providing of finance whether by making loans or advances or otherwise for any activity other than it is own and the acquisition of securities and is not any other category of NBFC as defined by the bank in any of its master directions systemically important core investment company a CIC and as it is a type of investment of company which carries on the business of acquisition of shares and securities with below the proportion:

  • At least 90% of the NBFCS total assets should be in the form of investments in equity shares preference shares loan or debt in its group companies.
  • The investment in equity shares including all securities or instruments convertible into equity within a period of not more then 10 years from the date of issue in the group companies shouldn’t be less than 60 percent of its total assets.
  • The NBFC does not trade in securities or loans of its group companies the only exception to this as if such trading is done through a block sale place in the event of dilution or disinvestment the company shall only carry the activities of investment in bank deposits, government securities, money market instruments loans, and investment in debt securities or guarantees on behalf of group companies.
  • The minimum asset size of such NBFC should be 100 crore this kind of NBFC can accept public funds.

 Infrastructure finance company and the NBFC’s

The infrastructure of the finance company is a type of NBFC engaged in the principal of business of providing infrastructure Loans. As per RBI,  NBFC can be registered as an infrastructure of the finance company.

  •  But you must full fill the following conditions:Minimum 75% of the total assets of the NBF C should be deployed in the infrastructure loans.
  • The CRAR (capital to risk-weighted assets ratio) of the company should be at least 15% with minimum PRI capital at 10%.
  • The minimum net worth of the company should be 300 crores.
  • The minimum credit rating of the company shall be A or equivalent of CRISIL  are equivalent to any other credit rating agency.

Infrastructure debt fund NBFC

A debt fund is a pool in which core assets are investments with fixed returns. This type of funds is vital because of the fact that unless. Hence funding in the infrastructure sector is complex as compared to other types of funding because of the volume of investments required by the long maturity period and a period of funds required in India.

NBFC Funding can be set up as a trust or a fund if it is set up as a trust then it shall be mutual fund and shall be governed by the provisions are if NBFC is set up as a company. it would be categorized as an NBFC and shall be governed by the relevant provisions of RBI

 Non-banking financial company microfinance institution NBFCS

  • It is another type of non-deposit-taking NBFC which provides short-term credit facilities to low-income groups an NBFC. it can be categorized as an NBFC
  • It is a  subject to the following conditions as:
  • A minimum of 85% of the assets of such institution are in the form of microfinance such microfinance shall be provided subject to the following conditions Such as: rural areas loans should be given to people with an income of 60,000, In urban areas loans should be given to people with an income of 1,20,000 (such loans should not exceed 50,000) the tenure of such loans should not be less than 24 months, such loans should be given without collateral. The borrower should be given the choice of repayment on a weekly forth night or monthly basis.

Non-banking financial company and NBFC factors

 To finance the institution having the principal business of acquisition of receivables on discount or financing against such receivables by way of loans or advances or by the creation of security interest over such receivables but excludes normal lending by a bank.

As per as RBI NBFC can be registered as an infrastructure finance company subject to the condition that it should be an on deposit accepting loan company and must full fill the following conditions:

  • Minimum 75% of the total assets of the NBFC should be deployed in the factoring business.
  • Minimum 75% of the gross income of such NBFC shall be from factoring business.
  • The minimum net worth of the company should be 5 crores.
  • How NBFC’s are different from a bank.
  •  Activities of an NBFC are similar to that of a bank, however, there are some differences between the two as started below:
  •  An NBFC cannot accept demand deposits.
  • NBFC’s are not a part of the payment and settlement system.
  • NBFC cannot issue checks drawn on itself.
  • Unlike a bank deposit insurance facility is not available to the depositors of NBFC’s.

Prerequisites for obtaining a certificate of registration of NBFC from RBI.

The applicant must be a company registered under the Companies Act for the time being enforce the company shall have a minimum NOF (Net own funds) of 2crores for an Indian entity and  5crores for a foreign company or investors who wish to set up an NBFC in India.

At least one of the directors who should be the whole-time director of the company should possess experience in a similar field or should be an experienced banker.

 The Cibil records of the companies should be free from any irregularities.

NBFC registration process

Complete all mandatory documents and attachments of application

Application (cosmos) can be filled on the website of RBI.

On successful submission of the application, an application reference CAN is issued by the RBI to the applicant to track the status of its application. Once the application is received by the respective office the license of registration of NB FC is granted by the RBI on a comprehensive and careful analysis of the application.

Documents for NBFC registration

Certified copies of the certificate of incorporation of the company. Certified copies of the main object clause of the memorandum of association of the company. Board resolution copy a fixed deposit receipt and bankers certificate indicating net operating fund.

The companies which are already in existence the following documents are to be submitted:

  • Audited balance sheet along with an extra
  • Profit and loss statement
  • directors and auditors report
  • bankers report
  • copy of the certificate of highest educational and professional qualification in respect of all the directors.
  • Copy of experience certificate if any in the financial services sector including banking sector in respect of all the director.

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